How it works

Our USSD shortcode makes our model seamless and quick to use

Step 1

Through the save-to-buy layaway menu, a farmer creates an account.

Step 2

Choosing between a scratch card or mobile money, a farmer can start making micro-payments for inputs in denominations of UGX 2,000, UGX5,000, UGX10,000, UGX15,000 and UGX20,000.

Step 3

Once they pay for an input or a service, they are required to keep paying until they accumulate the full amount required to complete the purchase.

Step 4

Once completed, our agent initiates a withdraw in the layaway system, and once the farmer approves it, the inputs are delivered.

Our model prevents farmers from borrowing money to invest in farming.

Our Offerings

Top quality Inputs

Agro Supply has an internal R&D team that ensures farmers are supplied with tested and quality inputs (for example, drought-resistant seeds). After farmers have saved for three to four months, Agro Supply delivers the pre-paid packages to them before planting season. We have partnered with local and international seed companies across  Africa to bring top-grade inputs to farmers.

Financial services

Starting with embedded insurance, we are currently piloting yield-index and weather index-based insurance products with Agro Consortium. Unlike other weather-index based insurance, our policy covers all risks that affect yield, including pest diseases, which are exacerbated with climate change. It also insures the value of the purchased inputs (seeds) against low yield. Farmers get compensated (in money or seeds) in case the yields are lower than anticipated.

Farmer training

We provide expert training on best modern farming techniques as well as tailored planting recommendations to our farmers. Delivered in-person at the farm through our village agents as well as digitally via SMS messages, our extension services are also offered in local languages. Our training is backed by a toll free number and network of agents who are available to help farmers anytime they need.

Post-harvest handling

Agro Supply is on the verge of setting up a huge grain processing facility with the first Aflatoxin removal machine in Uganda, this facility will allow Agro Supply offer premium commodity price to the network of its farmers bypassing the middle men, we will add value to these grain at our facility and trade it with African Manufactures.